​​The majority of our classes are group classes. The community found in the group structure is much of the reason that CrossFit is what it is, as the group setting allows you to push harder, be encouraged, and empower your teammates as you improve together. 

Here is how it works:​

  • ​We utilize the methods that CrossFit was founded and defined on: constantly varied, functional movements executed at a high intensity. This means that every day looks different - with different movements/structures to provide what we call our "Workout of the Day" or, more affectionately known as the "WOD." 

  • With this comes several elements: a warm-up, a skill or strength development session, a "Metcon" (which stands for "metabolic conditioning") that will get your heart rate up and make you sweat, and lastly a cooldown. 

  • Occasionally we do switch up the WOD to a different format to keep our bodies guessing! Whether it is a longer Metcon, a partner WOD (which we do on many Saturdays), or another challenge, we value the occasionally varied format in class structure!

  • Each group class is one hour long and allows room for beginner, intermediate, and advanced athletes! If you are apprehensive about being new at CrossFit or have a physical limitation that you fear would hinder your ability to participate, have no fear! We scale every single movement that we program to fit the needs and development of every athlete that walks through our doors. We also take pride in the welcoming environment that each of our group classes provides, as our athletes and coaches recognize that we all start somewhere and that we are in this together.

  • We value the importance of technique and mechanics in our group classes. This means that as a class, movements are taught and reviewed for each WOD. We work on technique/mechanics, then we instill consistency in our technique, and then we add intensity. This allows our athletes in our group classes to progress at their own most effective pace, even in the group setting. Our coaches strive to give thought to every single athlete while cultivating a team effort in the group setting!

  • The movements that CrossFit provides and that we utilize in our group classes are FUNCTIONAL movements, which means that they add to the value of our daily lives. We push things, pull things, run, jump, lift, swing, climb, sit, stand, crawl, etc. And we do so in a manner that brings energy and efficient growth into even the mundane movements that any normal task in life brings. Our athletes find that functional movements outside of the gym are maximized because of what these classes provide!