Our CrossFit Kids program is one that provides a space for fun, interactive fitness! We have designed a group format for our kids where they can enjoy each class knowing that they can learn something, feel challenged, while also being empowered to get stronger! Our kids' classes are programmed in a group format.

Here is what our kids' classes look like:

  • Each class lasts one hour long, with a warm-up, a skill or strength development session, a "Metcon," or "metabolic conditioning", and a cool down. We like to change things up too, by programming workouts through games, relays, and other creative routes to bring excitement to every fitness movement! 


  • Through the group class format, we teach every single member of our kids' classes the basics of every movement. We know that many of these kids have not tried CrossFit before, so we make sure to provide sound coaching to each movement that they learn! This way they can be ready to graduate to the teens classes when the time comes, as well as simply learn the value of strength and perseverance in every day life.


  • If your child is nervous about trying CrossFit or is apprehensive about any physical limitations, have no fear! We can scale every movement to fit their needs. Many of our kids are amazed at what they learn they are capable of - whether it is a handstand hold, a pull-up, a squat, or a sprint, our kids' classes provide a safe space to learn just what they are capable of!