We truly enjoy our teen classes! They are set up in a group format, similar to adult classes. With our teens, we cultivate an energy of teamwork, individual growth, strength, and endurance that maximizes growth even outside of the gym. We know that teens face many challenges these days - with school, social pressures, goals for the future, sports, and other extracurricular activities, and often times stress and anxiety as they strive to find the best version of themselves. With that, our goal is to be a positive light in every teen's life through empowering and strengthening each individual to reach his or her best potential.

Here is what our teen classes look like:

  • ​Classes for our teens are one hour long. In that hour, they can expect a warm-up, a skill or strength development session, a Metcon (or "metabolic conditioning") session, and a cool down. 

  • Our coaches find it essential to teach our teens the importance of the foundational movements of CrossFit and the technique behind them - whether it is a weightlifting movement, gymnastics movement, or otherwise. Our teens learn the technique, implement it consistently, and then add intensity to maximize the work that they put in. It is truly amazing to see the growth that happens when they put their minds to it!

  • ​If a teen is apprehensive about trying CrossFit for the first time or about any physical limitations, have no fear! We can scale every single movement that we program to fit the needs and development of each individual athlete, even in the teens' group class format.

  • ​We like to have fun in our teen classes as well - whether we implement a "partner WOD" where each athlete teams up with another athlete to complete a workout, or we finish a workout with a race or challenge, our goal is to keep our teens on their toes and anticipating what is next. And we have fun while we are at it!

  • We also encourage any interested sports athletes to try our teen classes out! We have found that CrossFit provides strength, endurance, agility, and yes, even flexibility and mobility, that when combined makes an even more efficient athlete! The variety and intensity that our CrossFit teens classes provide could be just what an individual needs to take it to the next level, in whatever sport or activity he or she take part in outside of CrossFit! All teens are welcomed here.